LNG being a Fuel which has virtually unending availability and is strongly vying for a position juxtaposed to renewables

  • Total LNG traded in World in year 2021 is 372.29 MMTPA
    • Share of Spot/Short term in Global LNG Trade is 36.6% in year 2021

  • Import of LNG by India in year 2021 is 24.02 MMTPA which is 6.5% of total world LNG Trade
    • Share of Spot/Short term in Indian LNG Trade is 31.16% in year 2021

  • Highest being China(21.3%) followed by Japan(20%) and South Korea(12.6%)

India is dependent on imported LNG (50-53% of NG is imported) to meet its domestic demand. The LNG is imported either through long term (LT) contracts or through spot purchases (ST) from the international markets. Most of the long-term contracts are either Crude linked which are largely from Middle East or Gas linked which are from USA.

PETRONET LNG Sourcing & Capacity
  • 7.5 MMTPA sourced through Long Term Contract with RasGas, Qatar with back to back sales arrangement with GAIL, IOCL & BPCL.
  • 1.4 MMTPA LNG tied up from MARC – An Exxon Mobil's Venture in Australia with back to back sales arrangement with GAIL, IOCL & BPCL.
  • Additional LNG being sourced through Spot /Short Term Contracts & sold to Offtakers/ Bulk Buyers from time to time.
  • Company has executed long term firm capacity booking agreements totalling to 8.25 MTPA with major players like GAIL, IOCL, BPCL, GSPC and Torrent.
LNG Supply > Truck Loading
  • Facilities to supply LNG through cryogenic tankers have been set up at Dahej and Kochi to meet the requirements of customers who do not have access to pipelines.
  • Truck Loading facility at Dahej terminal was commissioned in August 09, 2007 and at Kochi terminal it was commissioned on July 25, 2014.
  • More than 22000 trucks at Dahej terminal and 1500 trucks at Kochi terminal have been loaded till March 2020.
  • Facility can handle around 40 loadings/day at Dahej and 10 loadings/day ay Kochi terminal with further scope for expansion
  • Fast developing market with several new consumers (up to 1000 KMS) are being lined up for off-take of LNG for industrial and city gas use.
Truck Bay LNG Bus LNG Bus

Direct Marketing
Petronet plans to foray into Direct Marketing by focusing on the following areas:
  • LNG/LCNG i.e. LNG through Trucks and supplies at LNG hubs, customer's premises in regions not serviced by pipelines.
  • Executing MoUs/Agreements with CGD entities for development of LNG/LCNG/PNG infrastructure.
  • LNG/RLNG trading on International and domestic platform.
  • Petronet is exploring opportunities to supply LNG to Coastal area consumers through small LNG Vessels in India and neighbouring countries.
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