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ExxonMobil and Petronet LNG Announce Agreement on Gorgon LNG Supply

Subsidiaries of Exxon Mobil Corporation and Petronet LNG Limited today announced
agreement has been reached on intent to supply LNG from the proposed Gorgon LNG
project in Australia for the Kochi terminal in India.

The parties said they would continue working on binding agreements to conclude the
purchase and sale in June. The agreement will provide for ExxonMobil's subsidiaries Mobil
Australia Resources Company Pty Ltd and Mobil Exploration & Producing Australia Pty Ltd to
supply approximately 1.5 MTA (million tons annually) of LNG with the potential for additional
supply, for a 20-year term. The parties said the commercial details are confidential.

Petronet LNG Managing Director Prosad Dasgupta said ?Petronet LNG looks forward to
finalizing the agreements and moving forward with the LNG infrastructure needed to supply
natural gas consumers in the Kerala region.?

ExxonMobil?s Luke Musgrave, Vice President LNG - Australia, said ?We are pleased to move
forward with Petronet LNG on securing LNG sales from the Gorgon Project.?

Source: Date: May 08, 2009
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