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Petronet's Growth Story: Received D & B Corporate Award 2012 for "Gas Processing, Transmission & Marketing"

Quality work and perseverance always gets its due credits. Continuing its habit of impressing the corporate world, Petronet LNG Ltd yet again outshines amongst the best in world.  Yet again with its exemplary performance year after year it has added another feather in the crown. Amongst best competing 500 companies of the world, Petronet LNG Ltd has attained the top spot under the sector "Gas- Processing, Transmission and Marketing" for the Dun and Bradstreet corporate awards for 2012. It was a moment of great pride for the company when Dr. A. K. Balyan, MD & CEO of Petronet LNG Ltd, received this esteemed award on 28th May, 2013.

It was a gathering marked by presence of renowned dignitaries and peers who had all gathered with lot of enthusiasm, to honor the Dun and Bradstreet Corporate awards of 2012.  

Petronet LNG Ltd ranking on the basis of total income, net profit, net worth, market capitalization, net profit margin & return on net worth is given below:

Ranking mentioned above is self-explanatory as to how Petronet's abiding vision, consistent efforts and commitment to creating enduring value has been inspiring to achieve greater success year after year. This prestigious recognition is a testament to its stakeholders continued confidence in capabilities towards adding value to the business.

Dr. A. K. Balyan, MD & CEO receiving Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Award 2012

Director(Finance), MD & CEO and Director (Technical) with D & B award

MD & CEO expressing his delight

MD & CEO with D & B Award

Senior Management with D & B Award

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