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Udyog Rattan Award and Excellence Award

Institute of Economic Studies (IES) is one of the premier research oriented and awareness promoting organization conducting studies in various problems relating to Indian Economy with the help of Academicians, Economists, Parliamentarians and eminent personalities.

On 13th August 2014,  IES conferred the "Udyog Rattan Award" to our MD & CEO for doing Mother India pride and  "Excellence Award" to our company in the presence of distinguished International gathering of business leaders, quality experts, jurists, economists, legislators and policy at Bangalore. The award was presented to him by Mr M V Rajasekhran, Former Minister of State for Planning, Govt of India and Mr Virender Singh, Executive Director, Institute Of Economic Studies.

After receiving this award, our MD & CEO has joined the elite list of famous personalities like Shri Vijay Mallaya (CMD UB Group), Mr. Naresh Goyal (Chairman Jet Airways Pvt Ltd), Mr. Shibulal, (MD , Infosys Ltd) and many more famous personalities.

This award is of special significance as first time this award has been presented to LNG industry.

Award being was presented by Mr M V Rajasekhran,  Former Minister of State for Planning, Govt of India and Mr Virender Singh,  Executive Director, Institute Of Economic Studies

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