Petronet LNG Limited gets Global HR Skill Development Awards

L to R: Shri A K Chopra, VP(HR), Petronet LNG ltd; Shri Ananth Kumar, Cabinet Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers; Shri Anil Razdan, Former Secretary, Ministry of Power, GOI, Dr. Anil Garg, CEO, Energy And Environment Foundation

Global HR Skill Development Awards organised by the Energy And Environment Foundation recognise and honour outstanding organisations that are taking responsibility for defining a social and business commitment by adding value based on the best HR skill development practices for enhancing higher skill development, life cycle skill up gradation and promoting sustainability and excellence that delivers a shared future for all stakeholders through corporate and social commitment.

Petronet LNG Ltd has been awarded  with the Global HR Awards. It was a moment of great pride when  Shri A. K. Chopra ,VP (HR/PR)  along with HR team from Corporate office received this esteemed award from Shri. Ananth Kumar, Cabinet Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers.
It was a gathering marked by presence of renowned dignitaries and peers who had all gathered with lot of enthusiasm, to honour Global Excellence Awards.

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