Services of LNG Ship Gas up and Cool Down at Kochi

Petronet LNG Limited has found innovative ways to enhance the utilization of the Kochi LNG terminal.

It provided the services relating to Gassing Up and Cool Down of an LNG vessel at the terminal recently. The services were provided to the vessel named "Golar Snow" which had arrived under nitrogen. For Gas up the Nitrogen is displaced with LNG vapours in a controlled manner. Then the vessel tanks are slowly cooled to about minus 110 deg. Celsius, before injecting LNG. The whole operation was performed in a period of 48 hours and the vessel left for its destination carrying a small "heel" quantity of LNG.

A few days ago, Petronet had also provided LNG as a "bunker fuel" to a small vessel. It was a vessel which, due to stringent pollution norms in its area of operations, has to run on the cleaner fuel LNG.

The Kochi LNG terminal has also been providing services relating to "storage" and "reload" of LNG.

This is the first time in India that such services are being provided and it has put Petronet's Kochi LNG terminal on the World map. There are very few regas terminals in the World who provide such services and, hence, it is a unique value proposition which Petronet has been able to offer at international benchmarks. The Kochi LNG terminal, which has been running at a very low capacity utilization due to non-availability of pipeline evacuation network, is looking into providing such value added services.

Source: New Delhi
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