Small Scale LNG (ssLNG)

Development of Small Scale Model

The Small Scale LNG supply chain includes supply of natural gas in the form of LNG to small consumers through unconventional transportation medium like LNG carrying trucks, small vessels, etc.

LNG is being supplied by truck tankers to upcoming City Gas Distributions entities, Gas consumers not connected to pipelines or not feasible to be connect by pipelines. Further, PLL started the concept of LNG as an automotive fuel for liquid in long distance heavy duty trucks and inter city buses

The segment includes:

  • Supply to small industrial consumers which are not connected to NG pipeline.
  • Supply to consumers with specific fuel requirement (constant calorific values or where constant flame temperature is required) like glass industries, ceramic tiles or organizations for research purpose.
  • LNG use as an automotive fuel. For this purpose, LNG dispensing stations are being developed on Indian highways.
  • Supply of LNG to City Gas Distribution companies for development of an authorized Geographical Area at a faster pace via LNG route instead of waiting for Natural gas trunk pipelines.

Industrial Supply

PLL has been supplying small industrial customers which are not connected with pipeline for years through trucks tankers. Currently, PLL has a total of 6 truck loading bays, 4 bays at Dahej Terminal and 2 bay at Kochi Terminal which adds up to a cumulative capacity of 60 truck loadings per day. Taking a clue from rapidly expanding city Gas distribution in India PLL is in expansion mode and will double its truck loading bay capacity to be able to load 120 tanker trucks per day in near future.

Apart from the industries that have NG pipeline connectivity issues, some industries have specific fuel requirements like stable flame point temperature like in glass industries, liquid fuel requirement etc. These industries are also supplied with LNG through trucks.

LNG as an Automotive Fuel

PLL mooted the concept of consumption of LNG as an automotive fuel in long distance heavy duty trucks and inter city buses. As seen from experience in similar economies like China where LNG as an automotive fuel is used quite aggressively , LNG as an automotive fuel holds a huge potential for retail fuel market. This is a cleaner fuel with reduced CO2 emission of around 20-22% along with negligible PM and SOx emissions. The fuel also presents economic benefits to the consumers compared to other liquid alternate fuel for Medium and Heavy Commercial vehicles.

PLL has undertaken expeditious development of LNG dispensing infrastructure across major National Highways in the Country. In this regard, PLL has set up four (4) LNG dispensing stations in southern part of India on Mumbai-Chennai highways. PLL is also in discussions with State Roadways Corporations, truck fleet operators and other transporters to run a few vehicles on LNG and establishing LNG dispensing stations.

To establish a proof of concept, PLL has been successfully operating LNG Dispensing Stations and 4 LNG driven buses approved for Commercial operations for its staff transportation at Dahej and Kochi terminals.



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