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Petronet LNG Limited & its employees contribute Rs. 54.30 Lakh towards UCMRF

As a responsible corporate citizen, Petronet LNG Limited once again reaches out to the distressed in the flood ravaged areas of Uttarakhand. A humble contribution of Rs. 50 lakhs to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund was made by Petronet LNG Limited for providing relief measures to the affected families. Besides, as a generous gesture its employees also contributed one-day's salary for the cause which amounted to Rs. 4,29,333/-.

The generous contribution was made in response to the appeal issued by the State Government to support the distressed fellow countrymen affected by cloud burst and floods in Uttarakhand.

Director (Finance), Director (Technical) & Vice President (HR/PR) handed over the cheque to Shri S. K. Muttoo, Principal Resident Commissioner, Uttarakhand.

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