Press Release Qtr 03 2017-18

Press Release

8th February' 2018

Petronet LNG Ltd

Ø Highest ever quantity of LNG processed in Qtr. III, 2017-18, at 223 TBTU

Ø Highest ever Profit before and after Tax (PBT and PAT) for nine months ended 31st Dec 2017

During the quarter ended 31st December 2017 (current quarter), PLL processed highest ever combined throughput in a quarter at 223 TBTU.

The Dahej terminal processed highest ever quantity of 215 TBTU of LNG and operated at around 113% of its name plate capacity. The Dahej Terminal witnessed increase in throughput over the previous quarter by 2% (Q2 17-18 at 210 TBTU) and increase in throughput over the corresponding quarter by 15% (Q2 16-17 at 187 TBTU) respectively. The Kochi Terminal processed a quantity of 8 TBTU of LNG.

The Company has reported Profit Before Tax (PBT) in the quarter of Rs 748 Crore, witnessing a growth of 47% over the corresponding quarter (Q3 2016-17 at Rs 510 Cr).

The Company has reported Profit After Tax (PAT) of Rs 529 Crore in the quarter, which registered a growth of 33% over the corresponding quarter (Q3 16-17 at Rs 397 Cr).

The Company registered the highest ever PBT and PAT over nine months period ending on 31st December, 2017, at Rs 2,264 Cr and Rs 1,555 Cr, which stood at Rs 1,742 Cr and Rs 1,235 Cr in the corresponding period ending on 31st December, 2016, witnessing a growth of 30% and 26% respectively.

The growth in both PBT and PAT is due to higher volumes processed because of the increase in the Regasification capacity, post expansion of the Dahej Terminal and better efficiency achieved in the operations.

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